We are pleased to introduce a new music experience from the Dread & Alive series entitled KINDAH. Brought to you by Island Stage, and ZOOLOOK, publisher of Dread & Alive, KINDAH is a new collective featuring the best in reggae music for all ages from around the world.

What is KINDAH?

The Kindah Tree is an ancient Mango tree, and under its branches Col. Cudjoe held the meetings to bring the three tribes, Ashanti, Coromante and Congo, together in the fight against the British. The word “Kindah” means one family, and the Kindah Tree plays a significant role in maintaining the family unity in the community, being the place where the Maroons pay homage to their ancestors during the January celebrations.
We want to hear from you…

If you are an artist and would like to submit your music for consideration on the KINDAH collective, please fill out our submission form below. We encourage artists from around the world to submit their music for consideration. Artists who become involved in this initiative will also receive exclusive interviews and spotlights on Island Stage. There is no deadline to submit your music for consideration. This is a collective and you will have an opportunity to appear on a upcoming release if you are accepted. One Love!

Submit your music to KINDAH!

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