Esther Anderson

Making of a Legend

Maliika Walker

I didn’t know what to expect when I attended the Brooklyn screening of the documentary, Bob Marley:Making of a Legend. I began hearing about the film in 2011, about six months before Kevin McDonald’s ‘Marley’ film was released. The film was directed by Esther Anderson and Gian Godoy. Initially,I thought this was just another attempt by someone to make money off of Bob Marley’s name and image. I have watched countless Bob Marley documentaries, and I always seemed to be disappointed in the end. Most of the previous documentaries or television specials just repackaged the same information that was already told by another source. What could be the filmmaker’s motive for releasing this footage thirty years after it was filmed? What possible new information can this film provide to fans that we did not already know? I got the answer to these questions and more upon watching the film, Bob Marley: Making of Legend.

ISLAND STAGE Magazine speaks to Esther about the film being picked up for TV and VOD by BBC Worldwide and much more!

Esther Anderson

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