Dutty Bookman

Revolution is not always about guns and bombs or large groups of people protesting in the streets. Revolution involves being swift, effective and sometimes unexpected. – Dutty Bookman -from ‘Tried & True: Revelations of a Rebellious Youth’

Having worked for the Bob Marley Group of Companies in Jamaica – including the Bob Marley Museum, the Bob Marley Foundation and Tuff Gong International – Dutty Bookman grew into a Rastafari livity as well as a deeper appreciation for the roots of Reggae music, especially as a revolutionary force for social advancement. His journey (largely documented in his book) has led him to be one of the driving forces of the current Reggae Revival, which is the term coined by Dutty Bookman to describe the new cultural movement happening in Jamaica right now and being given expression via a new crop of rising young artists and musicians.

ISLAND STAGE Magazine speaks to Dutty about ‘Duttyism’, Reggae Revival, Manifesto Jamaica as well as his second book due to release soon.


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