“Power of Music” Andrew Tosh and Colah Colah

“Power of Music” Andrew Tosh and Colah Colah

Andrew Tosh, son of the legendary Peter Tosh, has teamed up with Colah Colah for a collaboration song called “Power of Music” on the Basco Elevation label.


Previous combination songs of Andrew Tosh had been with Kymani Marley and his uncle Bunny Wailer. This time Andrew Tosh is telling the world the Power of music with music from his heart, all together with Colah Colah.

Colah Colah is in high spirit after his succesfull debut on Rebel Salute festival earlier this year and his just released 15-track album Unstoppable, which is received very well. And now he appears on this masterpiece together with Andrew Tosh.

“Power of music” has a wonderfull finished touch through the harmony vocals sung by Andina Myrie. The song is mixed by engineer Galo, while the artwork is created by Lava Voice production. Please enjoy this one of a kind joined effort.



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