Get to Know Kehv-The Prince of Reggae Soul

Get to Know Kehv-The Prince of Reggae Soul

Maliika Walker

To hear Kehv sing is to hear someone who was meant to bless the world with his gift, his voice. It is no mistake that Kehv was born in the same parish in Jamaica as the great Bob Marley, Nine Miles. Kehv is an artist who performs his own brand of music, Reggae Soul. Island Stage got a chance to catch up Kehv recently.

– The Prince of Reggae Soul.

What led you to dub yourself The Prince of Reggae Soul?

Well just to be clear…The Title Prince of Reggae Soul was given to me by a special friend and confidant that said to me.” there is no other way to explain the time, energy and care you place in the music you deliver to the people, holding such a sense of responsibility and purpose.” So I stick with this title for much more than it sounding “cool” . I see no reason to leave my definition up to those who don’t take the time to see and know what I stand for..

Today’s music fans are able to listen to music on websites like Spotify, purchase online, or just steal music from the web. Some musicians (i.e. Prince) do not like music distribution on the web. How do you feel about online distribution for today’s artists?

I haven’t had the luxury to be a part of the music world before now. I hear folks in the industry talk about how it used to be like centuries have past and a musicians best years are behind him. I do believe that it is important for the consumers of the music now to support your favorite artist by buying their product instead of standing by and doing nothing. The strength of the artist is in the people, we need the support! The industry is just looking to bleed us artiste and spit us out. The fame is an illusion sold to the public to detach us but we’re all the same. Love is key in the equation, to ensure the survival of the arts. I wish I did more myself as I too am a consumer.

Your music expresses an appreciation for the strength and beauty of women. So much of today’s music paints such a negative portrait of women. Can you speak to the importance of women in your life?

We all!! Meaning Kings, Queens and all in between, come from a woman first off. I do believe that part of one’s’ strength is the ability to admire strength in another without fear. Seems we may have gotten it wrong as a community, what we need to teach ourselves about ourselves. It all starts with the root, where we’re from and everything flows outward from that. So I would say my mother being my first encounter with women has taught me a great deal about the strength and delicacy of an Empress. Words are not enough to depict the importance of the many roles
needed in my life that gets filled by a woman; However, I do hope the music I produce continues to speak the language of Love for God, others and self.

You have recently released a few singles including, No Retreating. What is next for the Prince of Reggae Soul?

The next single is called MAMA, also produced by Natures Way Entertainment, who produced No Retreating as well. A song dedicated to those who know what it feels like to lose a parent as I lost my mother to cancer Nov 13, 2007. That day was one of the most awkward days of my life. I can’t say painful because the pain seems to crescendo as time passes by. I learned that life doesn’t always seem just and whose to truly judge the goings and comings of so many souls tothe human experience.

I plan on getting back on the road and to meet my fans face to face, doing more videos and appearances around. My second album is in the making so much more to come. So please stay locked in on twitter@KehvMusic
and on facebook at Kehv Music on FB

Your music fuels the soul with positive energy and upliftment. What led you to the direction in your music?

I’m not sure if it was a conscious choice. I grew up in the church then started to sing what my mom considered “Rock and Roll” music. What’s been very important to me is what I say. I truly believe that for me to feel it, I must believe it. I’ve been an artiste long enough and to try and sing things I don’t believe has never comes across genuine. I haven’t mastered the art of Lying to my audience while I sing so as far as direction I just stay true to my Life and speak it as I know how with melodies that Jah give di I nuff times over. Giving thanks for that..I truly believe there is more to this Kehv story than I know to tell but it will come..

Jamaica! What comes to mind when you think of the land of your birth?

Good food, Herb, water, space, land, freedom.

If you had one opportunity to share something about yourself with the world, what would it be?

My Music tells the story of my journey; I’d share that with the world.

Thank you Kehv for taking the time to speak with us!

Thanks again for the honor of sharing this moment with you. God bless you and Namaste till next time.. Peace

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