Groundation ‘Each One Teach One’ DELUXE!!

Groundation ‘Each One Teach One’ DELUXE!!

E a c h  O n e  T e a c h  O n e -D E L U X E – March 16,2018

FEATURES 2 CDS 1 Remixed and Remastered Full-length album 2 Full album Dub versions

(2-CDset) Re-issue of Groundation’s second album of original music recorded in 2000 which includes a second disc of the full album dub versions from engineer King Robby. The classic “Each One Teach One” was originally released by the label Young Tree Records and now the album is presented today from HTS Roots Creations,  a new digital mix that reveals with clarity the true power of the musician’s performance.

Album features guest appearances from Jamaican Nyabinghi specialist Ras Michael, late reggae elder Joe Higgs daughter Marcia Higgs on harmony vocals and new mastery renown engineer JimFox.

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