EXCLUSIVE!!! NEW RELEASE: Jahmiel ‘Still Not Over You’

EXCLUSIVE!!! NEW RELEASE: Jahmiel ‘Still Not Over You’

Jamaican recording artist Jahmiel release new single “Still Not Over You”. Professing his love on the newly released track, Jahmiel connects with his female fanbase once again. This single has been considered to be another hit like his single ” U Me Luv“, which has over 14 million hits to date on his Vevo channel.
Still Not Over You‘, produced by DJ Frass, is a single many could relate to, especially going through a break up and losing someone you are still not over.
‘I wish you were mine again/ Am I too late/was it too long/ she’s already gone’ are the words from the chorus.
Contemplating whether he has lost that special someone or still have a chance at mending things, Jahmiel’s passion and emotions permeate throughout the track.
Continuing to show his versatility and melodic tones, ‘Still Not Over You’ also highlights his ability to connect with an international market with clarity and melody.
Take a listen to the track :


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