Zacheous Jackson

Born 15th June in London, UK, is a Jamaican Heritage/Parentage
singer/songwriter of positive Reggae music with a historical, cultural and conscious message. With his roots firmly acknowledged in Negril, hailing from the Jackson family of Red Ground, Negril Westmoreland Jamaica .

Zacheous’ heritage is the home of Roots Reggae music, His 1st language is ‘Patwa’ aka Jamaican Creole that is the tongue he heard from his family and spoke fluently in the house growing up as a child hence his speaking with a Jamaican accent the majority of time so when at 15 years old his mother took him home to Jamaica to get to know his heritage and his country and spend time with his family in Kingston, Darliston, Mobay and the beautiful Negril he had no problem with the language as he was already fluent and speaking it naturally so it is no mystery that he continues this tradition in his own music and writing and states that, “Reggae Music eena mi blood and did deh before mi born.”

In-keeping with his birth month of Levi (June) Zacheous’ music stands true to his Levite theosophy and ministers his listeners to empower themselves with education, progression and one love, giving out a positive vibration rooted in the spiritual message of Unity/ History/Upliftment. Conscious and Reality lyrics that highlight the necessity to restore a forgotten “Heritage” to a forgotten people and bring about “Better Days” for all, a crucial ingredient needed in the Reggae Music of today.

Zacheous started his career recording his songs at home on a Tascam 246, 4-Track machine creating and voicing his own riddims, before recording in a professional studio in 1985, singing on an 8 -track then 16-track analogue recorder and today uses digital recording, which gives him the experience and knowledge of using various techniques to record his works. Zacheous has used the same engineer from the beginning, Mike , hence the quality and production of his works.

Zacheous draws his musical influences from Jamaican greats such as Peter Tosh, Don Carlos, Lacksley Catell, Hugh Mundell, Horace Andy, Jacob Miller, Barry Brown, Michael Rose,Ini Komozi and cousin Vivian Jackson aka Yabby You , to name but a few. Zacheous Jackson’s musical style has been described as “Sophisticated”,“Original” and “Intelligent” by Reggae writers, . His versatility also includes Dub Poetry and spoken word… With regard to.. his unique original vocals and sound Zacheous describes this as due to his upbringing and his having lived in Jamaica at various stages of his life..


Released in mid 2010, his debut album, “The Truth Shall Be Told,” is a very solid Roots set on the Rumble Rock Recordz(USA)&Red Ground Jamaica Music label(UK/JA) and received regular airplay in the UK, Spain, Hawaii and the USA with good reviews from radio presenters and music review writers

An early released track, “The Conspiracy,” ..achieved a top 20 chart position on Italy’s DJ Gusma T radio show “Will My People Ever,” a track from the debut album secured a firm place in the Reggae Charts in Spain and his music can be purchased on many digital outlets on the internet.

Turkey, Poland, Spain, and the UK have had the pleasure of live performances from Zacheous, supported by bands such as ‘The Artist’ band and the ‘Upper Cut’ band and with appearances at the “International Reggae Festival,” 2008 (Spain), “One Love Festival,” 2009 & 2010 (UK),Reggae Festival in Turkey “Rottotom Reggae Festival,” 2010 (Spain), to name a few, as well as numerous club and PA performances in Spain and the UK Jenna Celebration to name a few to the present date.

Zacheous has also appeared on ‘Video Alley’ alongside TV personality Suzy Q in Jamaica and “BEN TV,” UK Zacheous has received great support from UK Radio Station Conscious FM and has contributed to broadcasts on that station.

His video’s have been airing on HYPE TV –Jamaica, RETV –Jamaica, CVM TV-Jamaica, Video Alley – Jamaica ,ABN TV(UK) and BEN TV(UK)
Zacheous currently has four hit songs complete with video doing the rounds “My Woman” , “Give Thanks” , ‘Better Dayz’ and’ Love Devotion’ There is also another song released by this artist and that song is called ‘Mommy’ and is very popular with listeners worldwide.

Zacheous latest hit song “LOVE DEVOTION” released 0ctober 2015 is currently getting a lot of love and attention worldwide and the video was recently completed back home in Jamaica in August 2016

Promoting his existing works and follow up 30 set album ” Levitical’’ due for release 2017,

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