Yasus Afari
Yasus Afari

The unique Edutainer and Philosopher.
Revolutionary in the RASTAFARI livity …

June 11, 2013
New York, NY (FOX FUSE) – Jamaican reggae artist and dub poet virtuoso Yasus Afari brings his eclectic and celebrated brand of Caribbean music to the masses with his new album Public Secret, out today, June 11, 2013 from FOX FUSE. The digital album is available worldwide from all major digital retailers and the physical album is available from the FOX FUSE Shop at http://shop.foxfuse.com. Hailed as one of reggae music’s leading lyricists and one of the world’s most prolific dub poets, Afari consistently delivers with witty, creative and cleverly articulated content. Public Secret, his 8th studio effort, stays true to form and is destined to defy and redefine reggae dub poetry.
Exhibiting profound lyrical mastery, along with his integration of social-political issues facing mankind, Afari’s works are thought provoking and audibly pleasing. His poetic justice continues with Public Secret, which exemplifies Afari’s intelligence and firm stance at the helm of the dub poetry genre. The album offers 15 tracks, all written by Afari, and sees 10 original selections along with five (5) dub versions of selected songs. Penning prolific poems on singles such as “Wine Pon Paper,” “Poetree Caan Nyam,” “Do Good,” “Ring Pon Comedy” and “Guidance,” Afari seamlessly blends his provocative, educational missives with one-drop reggae and other rhythms, giving longtime and new fans a collector’s item.

“In preparing Public Secret, my goal was to create original, inspirational, uplifting and empowering music of peace, love, hope and unity, which is relevant and accessible to all humanity,” states Afari. “I hope to touch people’s lives and souls in a personal and profound way, so that together we can move onward and upward in bringing awareness into the public space, and love and harmony into the secret, sacred space of our individual and collective souls.”
Yasus Afari is respected in the reggae world as one of the best edutainers, whose wit and insights skillfully merge serious messages with Jamaica’s trademark sense of humor, resulting in laughter, learning and love. Now with a career spanning nearly three decades, eight albums under his belt, and two books (with a third in the works), Afari has rightfully earned international fame and acclaim as the ultimate dub poet.
Public Secret is distributed by FOX FUSE and is now available digitally worldwide from all major digital retailers. Physical albums can be purchased from the FOX FUSE Shop at http://shop.foxfuse.com. For further information on Yasus Afari, please visit yasusafari.com, yasusafari.biz and foxfuse.com/clients/yasusafari. Please direct all media inquires to the FOX FUSE Publicity Department at 1-212-300-3813 at contact@foxfuse.com.
1. Poetree Caan Nyam
2. Wine Pon Paper
3. Let’s Talk New York
5. Ring Pon Comedy
6. Guidance
7. Four Eyes Mek Two
8. Woman To Love
9. Yu Gud Enoh
10. Do Good
11. Guidance Dub
12. Dub Wine
13. Woman Dub
14. Dub New York
15. The ISUS Dub

Newest release “Public Secret” can be purchased here:

Public Secret album by Yasus Afari – Distributed byFox Fuse
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Started writing and chanting from an early age. Did my first poem, The Traveling Sun while in high school, and won an award for it. This was my journey into the world of self realization.

I have completed five albums my latest: Revolution Chapter 1 was released March 29, 2007. The first song (Essence) on the album which is also released as a single is very popular, and as was told is very ‘catchy’. A video is in the works for this single. I have worked with various artistes, and had a successful tour with the grammy nominatd group Black Uhuru.

I have published two books, one is a poetry book….poems from the ’70s covering my time at STETHS to CAST (UTECH) and beyond. The book EYE PEN was well received in Jamaica and worldwide. Eye Pen is in schools throughout Jamaica….the youths and adults are in love with a particular poem, ‘My Mother who Fathered Me’. Recently, I was told by a friend that her five year old nephew recited the poem at his school’s banquet and concert. The audience was in total awe as most could to relate to the poem.

On March 29, 2007, I launched my next book, Overstanding RASTAFARI: Jamaica’s Gift to the World. Presently, the book, a labour of love which took five years to be completed is doing very well. It has been featured on all major networks in Jamaica, and is been embraced in North America with positive interest in Europe. A two part interview by Mark Dawes of the Jamaica Gleaner was featured on April 14, and 21, 2007 in the Gleaner.

The response was tremendous in Jamaica and else where. My North American Agency was flooded with mail and calls. Not to be out done, The Parliament appearance and presentation of the book to the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and Member of Cabinets made history. This was the first time a RASTAFARIAN was invited and accepted at an official government meeting. With acceptance by the people, I humbly embrace the future. This fall I will go on a College Tour throughout North America, to be folowed by appearances in Europe and the Caribbean. I and I envision a earth and government on the earth whereby mankind will not be harassed or interrogated by the challenge of evil and sin or death and destruction.


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