Taj Manchan
Taj Manchan

Born Derick AA Manchan in Spanish town , Saint Catherine 1983. Raised in Kingston (cockburn pen), JA, Taj made the move to the US when he was 10 years of age. He started his interest in music and found a nitch for djaying by the time he was 11 years old. He then had the opportunity to see and meet Red Foxx in a studio. Mr. Manchan started memorizing the lyrics of such artists, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Super Cat and the list goes on. So, in high school he would DJ songs that fellow class mates would select.

Taj aka “Mister, Wah Mi Seh” has truly grown in which has only improved within himself. It shows in his writing ability and his crowd controlling ability giving an epically entertaining experience.

Now in the works with a great Networking team, Taj Manchan is ready to deliver his talent.

“Stay Tuned…”

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