Here we present to you artiste Rosheed “Skari” Fullerton was born on November 30, 1988 in Mandeville, Jamaica. After attending Penn Wood High in Waterhouse and May Day High in Mandeville, Skari decided to take his musical talent seriously and turn his skills into a professional career. In 2006, after hearing the natural talent of her son, Barbara Johnson decided to ensure that Skari had a fair chance at following his dreams and assisted in providing him with the opportunity to take his career to the next level by bringing him to various studios throughout Mandeville and in Kingston.

With such a great gift it is obvious that this artiste (Skari) would admire some of the most talented and innovative musical artistes known worldwide such as Bob Marley, Marcia Griffiths and Buju Banton. Skari has dreamt of singing from an early age and has ever since appreciated good-quality music with memorable melodies and meaningful lyrics. Skari says, “I always wanted to write and sing my own music that can touch the people’ hearts, minds and souls.”

The music Skari produces today is unique and inspirational and he intends to use his music to create a successful career. He also aims to create an audience base which will consist of both the younger and older generation who will appreciate his music and acknowledge him as a dedicated and accomplished artiste. Skari concentrates on writing songs that will make a positive impact on the society. He is a devoted artiste who spends many hours in the studio creating new material for his debut album which will be released in the near future. When he isn’t working on his album he is busy preparing for various upcoming shows he is slated to perform across Jamaica.

Skari’s upcoming projects includes video shoots for his latest singles, “Make It Up” which are gaining momentum and are enjoying airplay both nationally and internationally. Also in the near future is a promotional tour across the Caribbean region, the US, UK and Japan. Much more music is also in the making as Skari continues to work with various Jamaican producers such as Sanjay “Freeze” Pennant (Tony ——) and Jamy Hall who is responsible for the upcoming single “ Try my Love”.

You can contact Skari for these and more at Skari Music or at Skari 876 Music

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