No-Maddz was formed at their alma mater Kingston College in 2000. The premiere Dub Poetry group comprises of Sheldon Shepherd, Everaldo “Evie” Creary , Christopher “Birdheye” Gordon, and O’neil Peart.
No-Maddz music is no doubtingly something new. It fuses their unique Dub Poetry style with multiple music genres and carries the spirit of Jamaica’s Roots music. The unique sound is complimented by a live performance that breathes life in the entertainment world. They are respected as a key administrator for the new music movement out of Jamaica.
No-Maddz trod firmly on the motto, “If it nuh live; it dead” and only performs with their band, Dihaadhaadban. The group’s single “Rise Above Profanity” is currently featured on the PUMA FAAS global campaign. The No-Maddz plays the characters ‘Rocker’, ‘Flex’, ‘And’ and ‘Groove’ alongside world top athlete Usain Bolt.
All members are recipients of the prestigious Jamaican Prime Minster Youth Award for excellence in the field of Arts and Culture (years awarded 2006, 2005,2009, 2007 respectively); the highest state award for youths in Jamaica.

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