New Kingston
New Kingston

New York City reggae outfit New Kingston formed in 2006 by their father Courtney Panton Sr. in their hometown Brooklyn blend Reggae with R&B & Hip-Hop to create their New York meets Jamaica sound. The band is a true family affair, featuring three brothers (Stephen, Courtney Jr., and Tahir), who all sing and play instruments, joined by their father, Courtney Sr. who plays bass. With their Jamaican roots, reggae is in the band’s blood, but having grown up in the musical melting pot of Brooklyn New York City, the three brothers bring in plenty of other influences as well.

“New Kingston definitely stands out in the current scene,” says Easy Star CEO Eric Smith. “Their show is dynamic and exciting, they are one of the hardest working bands we have ever met, and every other artist we talk to has nothing but positive things to say about them. Musically, we feel they bring something different to the label, something that feels current, and at the same, brings us back to our earliest days of releasing reggae in New York.”

Starting from the basement of their Brooklyn home before they took to the outside world, brothers Tahir (keys), Courtney Jr. (drums) & Stephen (guitar) jammed over and over to Bob Marley, Earth Wind & Fire, Dennis Brown, Michael Jackson, The Whispers and many more until it sounded right to father Courtney Panton Sr. He wanted their vocabulary of music to be very eclectic before they hit a stage! “If you ask New Kingston if we still know all those songs, the answer is yes haha” says drummer Courtney Jr. “But they were all favorites that we loved and forever listened to” Afterwards, they have performed to other basements and backyards around town to clubs to Festivals worldwide such as; California Roots Festival, Monterey Bay Reggae Festival, Reggae On The River, Summer Jam Germany, Uppsala Reggae Festival and many more…. “Only thing left to come is more touring and more music” says keyboardist Tahir
New Kingston promotes through their music and their live show Family, Love and Harmony. “One Love” from NK

Kingston City, released on January 27th, 2015, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae chart making it their first billboard apperance.

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