Meekie Humble & Huthead

Meekie Humble & Huthead are a hardworking talented Reggae duo from Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya. They share a passion for Music, Art and Poetry and they are proving that there are no barriers or boundaries!

Our hope is to spread our music around the world encouraging our audience to pursue their passions in life and instill conscious values to our fellow youths in general.Music is our heart beat, the rhythm to over every step in life each and everyday! What we share come straight from the soul…It is a powerful tool and a full filling avenue where we express our views and sentiments, regardless of color, class, creed nor religion.-Meekie Humble & Huthead

Meekie Humble

Meekie Humble

Meekie Humble is an Artist from Nairobi Kenya. His passion for Music started way back when he was a Poet. He took part in School Music festivals and performed at poetry slam shows; worked with groups like Poetry Salama at the Italian Cultural Centre, Goethe Institute, British Council (WAPI) and the Kenya National Theatre. What kept Meekie going through his Musical Journey is, since he learned that in Art, Music is the only form that can make people move and dance, he was Inspired & Motivated and that passion fueled his interest and passion Musically. Meekie has performed on local shows & concerts like ‘The Sanaa Noma festival’ at the Godown Arts Centre, ‘The No Guns More Life’ concert at the sarakasi dorm and the ‘Look To the East’ at makongeni among others.



Huthead’s passion in music commenced at an early age. First, by listening and mimicking every song he heard on the radio , and secondly by drumming and belting out popular songs while entertaining classmates at school. In 2003, he participated in a talent search in which he was one of the finalists. He was offered a chance to record singles at next level productions. It was a compilation album of seven tracks. In 2005, he went to clubs (F2, MONTECARLO, POZZERS, NYAZA) to gauge his skills time to time. He involved himself in rap battles and cash competitions and the crowd feedback was always overwhelming. Huthead’s next step were sound systems e.g. black supremacy sounds, lastborn sounds and many more live reggae concerts, for example, “Look to the East” concert, which was another avenue to tap talent.

This Dynamic Duo are both conscious, positive reggae Artists & professionals, doing what they do best… make big tunes!! They voice songs & poetry with an emphasis on conscious and uplifting vibes in which the society can use to meditate on and elevate their spirituality to a more conscious level.

In this Musical Journey, they acknowledge the Almighty is the beginning of each step they take, as they wake up in positive vibes & uplifting lyrics with the goal to reach out to the youths all over the World, representing and advocating the same issues and struggles that all ghetto people face in general.

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We Appreciate the love… it means alot !!! Amani-(Peace)

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