Marvin Brown

What is to be…..Will be.

Marvin was born the fourth (4th) child of eight (8) children…right in the middle
of the mix. From an early age, he had been surrounded by music and musicians –
long before he had personally realized his calling as a musician. He is related to the
legendary singer King Toots Hibbert, and his father is Owen Brown – a popular radio
Disc Jockey. He grew up watching his mother play the piano and singing in the
church choir, as well as seeing his grandfather play the saxophone. However, his
mother played the most crucial role of taking him to church. Church and gospel
music, manifested to be highly valuable and influential in the early and later stages of
his life, in understanding how people react and express emotions through music.
Despite growing up with access to music, musical instruments and musicians,
being a member of the junior and youth choirs at church, a drummer in marching
bands, and also performed as a delegate for his school in talent competitions –
Marvin had still not expressed any ambition or desire to pursue a career in music.

What is to be….

Years later while studying computer science and electronics, a friend (John
Valentine) invited Marvin to accompany him to a music store. Some people say
curiosity killed the cat – this time it led to an awareness of Marvin’s calling as a
musician. This chance occurrence resulted in the start of Marvin’s career – initially
recording vocals on some of John Valentine’s house music productions. Progression
and versatility come naturally to Marvin, so shortly after he began writing lyrics and
learning how to produce musical compositions as well as writing songs in a variety of

Since then, Marvin has, worked with local and international producers,
engineers, and other artistes on numerous projects and features. He has worked
with producers : Krissi B, DJ Sherry, Born Free, and DJ Simon Vinyl Junkie
amongst others. He has done features and joint projects with: Furious MC, Moorish
Delta 7, Micky Grimm, Smoke and Bluntz, Lucci, and Ill Flow to name some. He
has performed for and thrilled audiences in, the UK and in Europe. He has been a
supporting act for ATL, Guru, and Ghostface amongst others – and his music has
also been broadcasted on radio stations internationally. Marvin is a very versatile
artiste who makes music in almost every genre. He uses various elements, mixed
with some of his talent and individuality to create a fusion, that no doubt has some
soul or will generate an emotion or reaction from any listener.
At present, Marvin is currently working on his first Album, having completed
his first EP.

He is still available for session work, PA, and private bookings etc. Marvin is still
unsigned and open to offers from Record labels, Publishers and Distributors.

Will be…

With some of your much needed support, more and more people will know
Marvin Brown – the man and the music. Tell somebody, to tell somebody, to tell
somebody about it.

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