Ma Pelli
Ma Pelli

Are you a fan of Reggae, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, & music that will get you moving? Then you will definitely enjoy the productions, sounds, & flow delivery of Ma Pelli. Her style gives you the best of both worlds from Jamaica to the US. Ma Pelli is one of the hottest up & coming female artists in the Orlando/Tampa Bay area. Not only is she an artist, but she also works behind the scenes on the technical & production side of the business. Now it’s Ma Pelli’s time to be in FRONT of the scene.

What makes Ma Pelli different from other artists is that, she doesn’t stick to just one style or type of music. She likes to blend different elements that will offer something new and refreshing for her fans to enjoy. While blending different elements to her music, you will always find that she stays true to her island roots and you hear it embedded into her music. The hard work and time she puts into her music is to create something that the world can enjoy now and for years on.

Music is Ma’s passion and music is what drives her to work even harder to get to the top. Be on the look out for this Empress of Hip-Hop Reggae!


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