Kamma U
Kamma U

July 13,1979 I attended George Headley primary school in duhaney park Kingston 20 Jamaica where I took part in several drama and singing activities for my school and wrote poems and scripts and was awarded on every endeavor, this continued until high school where I was deputy head boy and sought academics instead of music at Edith Dalton James high school. It was a great football player named Michael Tulloch Jr that told me my music enhances concentration and meditation, and requested it of me daily. And now I am music. I have done recordings at David House, Bobby Digital studios twins of twin’s studios and big ship. I am music and it is I.

Kamma u is a very talented artist, is voice alone grips the hardest heart. He has a great talent for writing also, this artiat writes all his own material. He has a way with his words and is a very spiritual person, His way of bringing meaningful music across to ordinary people who can relate to his words is outstanding. Most definetley an artist to look out for over the next few months. During 2016 Kamma u has been working along with Kelev Ra Records and looking forward to producing some new material very soon.

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