Don Frisco
Don Frisco

Birth name: Peter George Maye, born of Lenora & Oswald Maye on the 21 of August 1989. First School attendance is the Church of God of Prophecy basic School in frazers content Spanish town Jamaica in the St Catherine Parish, after leaving there i went to the Spanish town Infant School, Spanish town primary School then move on the (Children First) Private institute 9 Monk Street Spanish town. I later found my true Talent while going to Children First under the leadership of Misses Claudette Pious one of the most famous Jamaican actress, she took me up into her own hands when she realize i was of a special kind and place me into her Drama group called the Bashy Bus Crew, I spend about 1 year with the group then move on to Innswood High School where i started to learn Keys and Chords on the Keyboard and that’s how my musical journey began on the serious, I started to write Songs and Recording from age 14. “Music means the world to me and always will!”

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