Dennis Brown Jr
Dennis Brown Jr

Dennis Brown Jr, popularly known as Jason Brown, is the youngest Son of the Late Great Crown Prince of Reggae Dennis Emanuel Brown, with Widow Yvonne Brown (Yvonne’s Special).

Born and raised in London, UK and spending holidays overseas in Kingston Jamaica in his Father’s hometown, young Dennis was exposed greatly to the wonderful works, humble disposition and inspiration his father had on the reggae/lovers rock scene, it was only a matter of time before Young Dennis would consider himself as an artist.

From late night studio sessions, several shows and festivals alongside his Father, Dennis Jr soon felt the urge to continue on his Late Father’s legacy in his own unique way.

“My biggest inspiration growing up has always been my Father. For his wisdom and teachings through his music has always guided me towards peace within myself.”

Naturally having a love and interest in music and the connection it created amongst the people, young Dennis originally aspired to become a footballer. At the tender age of 13 he was offered pre-season trials at various football clubs within the UK. Unfortunately, during this time, his Father had just passed away, thus, resulting life for Dennis Jr becoming unparalleled.

Friends and fans of the Late Prince would continue to urge Dennis Jr to carry on his Father’s legacy, as they could see he had a special gift and unique voice. However, Dennis Jr did not feel it was his time to do so and continued on with his chosen endeavors.

Just like his Father, Dennis Jr is a man of little words in his humble settings, but when it came to expressing himself on paper, he had a lot to say. A man who has always been intrigued by words of wisdom and empowerment, Young Dennis naturally became into his own and offered his musical talents for all to see.

Although Dennis Jr studied music in school, his interest was led solely by music production. Creating Instrumentals and writing his own music, young Dennis saw this merely as a hobby first-hand. One can say he is naturally gifted in creating and composing his own works. Little did Dennis Jr know this would soon become his calling and preferred career path.

Before grasping music at the forefront of his career, Dennis Jr also created and designed his own summer range of T-shirts “Mucky Minor,” a limited edition line for The Ambitious Misunderstood Individual.

This line gained exposure worn by several urban artists in music videos and made it to popular online blog sites.

Dennis Jr still felt he had more to give and create, beyond designing, thus finding himself back with his headphones, speakers and writing pad.

Like his Father, young Dennis remains humble in his craft yet has a drive to evolve and create a shared consciousness amongst his brothers and sisters to encourage growth, love and unity.

In 2014, Dennis Jr released his first single titled “Reasons,” a self-proclaimed message to be thankful in all things in life, no matter how bad it may seem, as the good always outshines the bad. This raw spontaneous introduction made by Brown raised some eyebrows and engaged many ears. This was the first time Dennis Jr recorded a song but he did not stop there. He has since made available to listen several other singles which have all shown progression and growth.

These early, self-produced and directed works made by Young Dennis truly highlights the unique and driven qualities he possesses and we are ever ready to hear and see more of him.

His first EP titled “Dreaming,” showcases Dennis’ fusion influenced sounds of not only great genres alike, but his unique London dialect.

Although not your typical roots reggae artist, Dennis Jr definitely illustrates there are no boundaries when introducing oneself and offspring of such great legendary beings as his Father.

Propelling from a multi- cultural diverse society, that of London UK, Dennis Jr is a great example of how the content of Reggae can be merged within world sounds and we look forward to embracing these new works from the Son of The Great Crown Prince of Reggae, Dennis Brown.


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