De Bruces A Mi
De Bruces A Mi

Fire in Babylon, love for the people!

The soul is the virtue of man, she sings on his face to me and with his power reign love. In the spiritual revolution is real change, they do not want to know more of war and hatred, that the world is tired. Here they come, after more than 10 years that the reggae invaded their lives, showing his new creation, ear and mind, THE POWER OF YOUR SOUL came out in 2009. Three years earlier had drawn the REAL album that gave them the love of many people around the country until they were given a prize (best reggae band in the country, according to the magazine Shock) and media people spoke well and vibrated with them in dozens of concerts and festivals (Speaker 2006 and 2007 in Medellin, Rock al Parque 2007 in Bogotá). In 1999, they founded the band, it was thought that love for reggae would grow so large that Jamaican culture would influence both his music and his life. Much less is thought that with the demo they recorded in 2003 were to cause so much interest from Medellin (where scarce reggae bands) and achieved the dream of being on the same stage with or Fidel Nadal Junior Reid, The Perishers or Prophetic culture. But here they are, with their dream come true, dedicating life to reggae and their latest album consolidates its commitment. JAH LIVE!

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