Brina – Seeds of Freedom. A new anthem for seed freedom!

Jamaican singer Brina writes and records worldwide campaign song for environmental group Seed Freedom India and Navdanya Seed Bank for Seed Freedom and Food Freedom

Profits from this song will go towards Seed Freedom in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Brina has been sharing her brand of positive and uplifting world roots reggae, performing this past year year in Europe as well as opening for Jimmy Cliff, The Congos and other major Jamaican artists, and playing with the Afro-Beat band Liquid Sun Orchestra in Belgium and The Netherlands. Now Brina is reaching to the sky with her musical talent.

Seed Freedom calls on the people of the world to join Dr Vandana Shiva, to organise and concentrate our energies to liberate our seeds and our food from the toxic, greedy and lethal clutches of Monsanto and other biotech giants.

Brina has answered the call with the song “Seeds of Freedom”. As she explains: “It reminds us in a subtle way to think back to the days when everyone knew where their food came from, when we planted what we would eat and ate what we grew. Now corporations dictate to us how our very lives should be – life begins with the seed.” As Dr Vandana Shiva puts it: “A seed is the source of life and the first link in the food chain. Corporate control of seeds is control over our lives, our food and our freedom.”

Brina urges everyone to support these efforts and promote this song among young people of the world, as she finds it vital to reinforce positive foundations and enduring messages in the minds of the young – our future generation. You can find Brina – Seeds of Freedom on YouTube; to learn more about the efforts of Dr. Vandana Shiva, go to www.seedfreedom.in

My Party is a Musical Party
Singer/ Song Writer

Brina is an artiste steeped in the music and rhythms of her Jamaican culture and she is ready to take her Tribal Global Reggae Music to the world.She comes alive on stage, when she steps in front of an audience and sings, people listen. Drawing on and fusing together elements of her rich musical and cultural heritage such as Reggae and Nyabinghi with other musical styles from around the globe and the African diaspora, Brina is conscious of bringing a positive healing message to the world. The lyrics in her songs speak of justice and equality, liberation, oneness and love.

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