Abya Yala
Abya Yala

“I´ve known the right place, when a clean heart is guiding”

Abya Yala is a 12-musician band with over 8 years of experience. Their audience spans both nationally and internationally. Abya Yaka’s Musical project is dedicated to capture global culture of cooperation and balance of the human being in regard to themselves and their environment. Sustainability an important lifestyle and human development, teamwork, building communities, environmental education and respect as part of the balance. The intent of the message is to start a new era in which humans relate to each others from love, to evolve as a species, for a new humanity.

This project has been developed in a completely independent and self-managed manner. Producing a modern sound that rescues vintage colors and textures, easy listening enjoyment in sufficient details allows songs to be heard again and again. Composed by a professional, musical and technical team, choirs, brass, rhythm section allows the composition to become high quality music, plus the talent and creativity of the singer who chants the message with real feeling.

The band has been highly recognized by their peers, nationally and internationally, due to musical content and quality. The project already has 2 albums “Cambia” – 2010 and “Día u Noche” – 2014 both produced by the same members of the band and several videos with thousands of international views.

“Our singing is to the faith in the Great Spirit and Mother Earth. We believe it is extremely important that every human being must have a vision of healthy and positive thoughts versus the unstable todays world, think local and act global, a new humanity.”


Since 2007 the work of this project has intended to deliver a message of awareness and unity, embodied in music and lyrics working entirely independently. This path of selfgesture is how the band produced their first album “Cambia” released in 2011. During 2012 and 2013 the band dedicated it’s time to national and international dissemination of the project, live shows along Chile, also working on the creation and recording of their second album “Día y Noche” released in 2014, with record of audience and presentations among 8 states of Chile. This production counts with the collaboration of Tiano Bless chilean produccer and Rúben Albarrán, singer of Cafe Tacvba, México.

The band has participated on different stages throughout Chile, sharing with recognized national and international bands, and parallel working around the world through social networks, which has produced unexpected results as followers in different countries, tribute bands to Abya Yala, children singing the songs, among other phenomena.

Abya Yala

“The call of the band is to complement the global culture with environmental education, team work, the idea of ​​diversity as part of our nature and respect for the environment as part of the balance. At the same time, the intended message is to unify the Latin community and strengthen ties between the people and the youth of the world.”

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